This really must stop...

Apparently, I am in a serious rut.

There are half a dozen projects on the needles, but even when I begin a new one, there is only one thing I really want to knit...these Mutant hats.  They only take a couple of hours, but the fifth one just fell off my needles last night...

I did not intend to knit another.  In fact, I started the cowl, which goes along with this lovely cardigan:

You can even see it above, in the first picture.  I am six rows from having it done, but instead of completing it, I cast on for another Mutant hat...

In my defense, I just loved the Koigu Kersti I used in this sweater.  I only had two partial skeins left, and I didn't want to waste it.  The only thing I could think of to use it all up was that hat.  So, I did...

As for the cardigan above, instead of using the same colorway for both the cowl and the sweater, I decided to use the same yarn (MadTosh Vintage) in Celadon for the cowl and Nightbloom for the body.

With some stuff coming up in the next few weeks, I really did not want to launch into a big project. That means, essentially, all I feel I can work on are mindless little projects here and there. 

I wonder how many Mutants I can crank out before Monday?

Right after I finish that cowl.

Happy Knitting!


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