What day is it?

Or is the more relevant question:  How many knitting days until Christmas?

There are 37 days until Christmas, but far fewer knitting days until Christmas...

Sweaters are usually one of my go-to gifts for the family, but this year, there will be no sweater for the husband.  In fact, I am not sure there will even be a beanie under the tree for him.  (Sorry, Honey!)

This is what I have before me:

What is this, you say?

Well, if you look closely, you may be able to make out two would-be sweaters and a shawl.

The purple will eventually be a Bedford pullover for the older daughter:

The black and blue striped thing (of which there are two sleeves and a partial body) will soon become (I hope!) a Maxfield Cardigan for the younger daughter, as she fell in love with mine:

The same one I made for myself in the spring:

The sweaters are actually Christmas gifts, but the shawl is for me.

You know this shawl, I posted about the first one here and the second one here.  What can I say, other than the first two were gifts and I wanted one for myself?

Logic would dictate instead of knitting on the shawl, my time might actually be better spent working on the sweaters; however, I cannot seem to step away from the shawl.  Just a scant few days and I think it will be done.

In fact, if we cancel Thanksgiving all together I may have enough time to finish everything by Christmas...


Lolly said…
Even in a bad year, you out-knit me by....at least two sweaters! This year I have ready (for Christmas)a cowl, a linen-stitch hand towel (with an embroidered initial), and two pairs of fingerless mitts. Still on the needles: a 12" pillow at 75% complete; a pair of man-size socks (for my 12-yr old grandson, can you believe that?) at...55%; a large baby blanket, almost throw-sized, at 90%; another cowl (it's crocheted) at 40%. Oh wait, I think that one's for me. And I'd still like to start and complete a stuffed animal or two (haven't decided on the species) and another cowl.

Hope you have a wonderful rest of 2015!

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