Stealth Knitting

At seven, the younger daughter is still quite enamored of her American Girls doll. A few months ago I found a pamphlet with patterns in it for girls and their dolls. While I do not think I could knock out a sweater, especially one that she would not notice I was working on, I thought it might be sweet to try to knit up a little red sweater for her doll to coordinate with the one I am finishing up for the kid.


Stealth knitting might be fun. It has a nice sinister ring to it without really being dangerous or bad.

We shall see. . .


you can do it at work . . . :) We are calling for flurries here tomorrow so I need to furiously finish knitting all the scarves I am planning. Wheee!
Feisty said…
Good News, Bobo!

I am almost done with it. The little one spent the night with a friend on Friday.

Pictures soon.

; )

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