A measure of a good day?

Well, yesterday was particularly hectic.

After work there were a number of errands that had to be done, including retrieving the older daughter from tutoring in Algebra. While she has an 89 in the class and it is an AP class, she has bombed a test or two so far this year and the only things keeping her afloat have been homework and quiz grades.

Mind you, an 89 is a good grade, but with Calculus, Advanced Math, and Physics staring us in the face, I wanted to make certain she has a good foundation to build on.

Fortunately, I have a good friend who is a former high school Algebra and Advanced Math teacher. When I stopped by to pick up Sweet from her lesson last night she told me my daughter had a good grasp of the formulas and imaginary numbers, but without a calculator, had difficulty with factoring. She also took short-cuts and failed to show her work on her paper which prevented her from checking any of her calculations. Overall, though, it would require a little extra effort and discipline to get things back under control.

That was good news.

However, teenage daughter is not happy about the tutoring and is one of the laziest humans I know.

In any event, by the time we got home, curtailed the chaos in the kitchen, and attended to the wee child, there was barely enough time to take a bath and prepare for bed, much less enjoy my knitting, but I did a few rows and marvelled at how much more relaxed I after just a couple of rows.

I have no doubt there is definitely a law of diminishing returns at some point, but I think I need at least an hour of knitting of day to keep me "nice."

And we all know "nice" is such a relative term.

Happy Knitting!


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