Selfish Knitting?

Sweet One just completed her seventh or eighth project. Except for a purse that she was not pleased with, everything she has made has been for others, even if she originally intended to keep the item for herself.

There are a lot of times I begin a project and intend to keep it for myself, but by the time I finish, I realize it would be perfect for someone else. Then there are those projects that are made specifically with a recepient in mind.

Since Thanksgiving of last year when I really picked up knitting again, I have completed over three dozen projects.


Out of those, I have actually kept one pair of socks, one sweater, and two wraps.

My mother and Wee One have been the biggest benefactors. Mom received two pairs of socks, a purse, and a stole while Wee One has a sweater tee, a cardigan, two shrugs, and three pairs of socks.

Sweet One has a pair of socks and a cropped cardi; however, she is extremely picky and did not like the three-quarter sleeved shrug I made for her and has expressed little interest in anything else.

How selfish a knitter are you?


While I've only completed six projects, none were for me. None. The WIPs I have are also not for me. perhaps I will learn to knit socks and knits some for myself . . .
adamboysmom said…
I am very selfish. Honestly, most people are not interested in my knitting. My son's teacher is one of my two knitting friends. I am making her some chemo caps and I know she really appreciates them. Other than that, I am hoping to win people over to thinking knitting is cool by modeling my lovely handknits.
Feisty said…
I *must* adopt that attitude and convert people, too!

That's awesome!

I'm just none too confident in how anything looks on me...

; )

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