In Search of...

my knitting groove.

Yes, yes, there are plenty of projects underway and on the needles, as well as that needlepoint canvas, but I just cannot seem to find that one project that inspires me.

However, I may be close.

My first big knitting pattern purchase was Rowan 42 sometime around Christmas last year. In it was this Hap Shawl called Bressay.

While lovely, I thought it way out of my talent league.

Then, over the summer Gudrun, The Shetland Trader, posted pictures of her beautiful version.

As fate would have it, Jimmy Beans had Rowan RYC Cashsoft 4 Ply on wicked clearance sale in a dark blue. While not exactly the same as the Rowan Scottish Tweed 4 Ply, it was the same weight. (AND, it was Rowan by God!) Then, I found more Rowan RYC Cashsoft 4 Ply on another wicked clearance sale at Yarnzilla in different colors. I actually began to think it was meant to be.

Unfortunately, I then sat down to read through the pattern instructions in Rowan 42.


It appeared as though "Expert" really meant "Expert" in level of difficulty.

I put it aside for a time and began looking for other, easier patterns for a hap shawl.

I studied Gudrun's post and pictures and noticed she referenced a book: Sharon Miller's Hap Shawl book. Unfortunately, it was not available through Amazon. After much hemming and hawing, particularly because I already had the yarn, I made the executive decision to order the book directly from Sharon Miller.

Despite my apprehension, it was not at all costly and arrived promptly.


Take that, Amazon!

The last couple of months I have poured over the well-referenced book and finally felt somewhat confidant about starting, after all, the first step is to basically cast on 85 stitches and knit in the garter stitch for 170 rows. I can do that!

Of course, everything after that remains to be seen.

For once, I surely wish there were a knit-along for this.


adamboysmom said…
wow, that is really pretty.
Feisty said…
Do you have a bunch of solid colored fingering weight yarn lying about?

Can I twist your arm into a knit-along?

; )

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