Oh, YAY!

This morning it was in the 30s, so I was able to pull out my entrelac stole and a pair of knitted socks to wear.

I do know yet own a shawl pin, but found a gold-colored kilt pin to wrap the stole around me and hold it in place.

Today I brought two batches of Gooey Cake cookies to share, one chocolate and the other butter. Yum!

Thus, when I walked into the office I was the pied piper with a merry little following right into the break room. Once everyone had sampled the cookies, my knitting was noticed and before I knew it several of the ladies were chiming up: "I know how to crochet, but would love to learn how to knit" and "I can knit, but not like that." I told them how easy this pattern was and offered to show them.

Then, I showed them my socks.

There was much excitement and interest over the socks.

One lady said: "I would LOVE to know how to do that, but I just don't have the time."

I told her I typically bring my lunch, then sit in my office and knit for almost an hour before going back to work. I added that I sleep much better if I have a chance to knit for even thirty minutes before going to bed.

A couple promised to bring their needles to work with me at lunch.

We shall see if they do.

So far, it has been a pretty good day!


adamboysmom said…
Now that is a way to get your knitting mojo back! When I was working, I had two friends that I taught to knit and we would do that at lunch. It was fun. I miss that.

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