The mental side of knitting

Over the past few months I have thought often of exactly what attracts me to knitting. While I have heard myself say I am not a "process" knitter because it is not the process that excites me, but the finished object.

Closer inspection actually reveals that it is not the finished object, but the fact of the finished object that I enjoy most, i.e., the accomplishment.

Looking at my project page in Ravelry, I am not too surprised that most everything I have made has been for others. I have two wraps, three pairs of socks, and a sweater to call my own. And while they are all nice and I am proud of them, I rarely wear any of them.

Odd, I know.

The present project is the B-side cardigan in Malabrigo. As of last night I am nearly finished with the sleeves (I knit them two-at-a-time). From there it will be soaking and blocking the body of the sweater and the sleeves before the collar and button bands go on.

I know it will fit because I have tried it on. It will be plenty roomy as a sweater/coat, but I am still unsure how often I will actually wear it.

Last week I worked on a test knit that was very trying for me. The pattern was straight-forward and relatively simple, but it was not something I would have chosen to make. Further, the yarn was wonderfully soft and springy, but, again, the colorway was not something I would have paired with the pattern.

Because it was a) not my style and b) a rather interesting pairing of yarn and pattern, I was not wildly excited about the project at all.

However, once I actually started it, I was pleased to learn a couple of things: 1) how to wrap and turn in a pattern (rather than just in stockinette) and 2) how to do a three-needle bind-off.

As a result, the promise of learning new things made the whole project bearable while I was working on it and rewarding now that it is complete.

I am beginning to think I may be a process knitter, after all.

Any thoughts?


Lolly said…
You and I are a lot alike. Except you get a lot more accomplished than I do.
Richmond said…
Ditto what Lolly said...

You get a LOT more accomplished... ;)

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