I lost my socks...

Wee One came in as I was working on finishing my Opal socks. She immediately liked them and asked to try them on.

They were slightly long in the foot, but the leg length was perfect. She then asked if she could have them.

How could I say no?

Yarn: Zwerger Garn Opal 6-fach / 6-ply
Pattern: Using size 2 needles I cast on toe up with simple 3 x 1 ribbing. (Note to self, foot and leg comprise 56 stitches).

This was easily a weekend project. If I had started on a Friday evening, I have no doubt I would have finished these by Sunday afternoon.

One thing about toe up construction, though, I am never, ever satisfied with the cuff bind off. It always looks so much less finished than cuff down.

Also, the short row heel is much easier and faster than heel flap and gusset; however, I do not think they will wear nearly as well.

All in all, a cute pair of basic socks!

Wee approved, no less.


Lolly said…
Are those bath socks? lol
They are so pretty! Hey, if you google "bind off cuff on toe-up socks" you get all sorts of bind-off methods. Someone who knits as many socks as you should find the best method! (then let us know?)
Richmond said…
Very Very pretty!
Feisty said…
Awesome, Lolly! I'll get right on that.

; )

Thanks, Richmond!
LauraB said…
Aw, man! Those were done so quickly and I am still plodding along on my camo pair! Him and his dang long legs...

Gorgeous, those - and I can hardly blame wee for claiming them!!

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