All things sweat-her

Of course, San Antonio just broke an all-time record yesterday. Since they first began data collection, it appears Summer 2009 has already had thirty-seven days of three-digit temperatures and we are still counting.

What better time to begin knitting sweaters?


Remember the Malabrigo vest I made for Sweet One a couple of months ago?

Yeah, that one.

Well, my mother arrived in town on Saturday. Yesterday, Sweet One modeled it for her.

Now, Mom wants one, too. Although, she said she wanted one just like that, there are a few modifications.

Oh, boy.

At Christmas she saw Wee One's sweater:

Mom requested one "just like it, except..."

That sweater ended up looking like this:

and this:

This time around, she does not want wool, but cotton. She wants it longer. She wants it to fit better. While she has always preferred v-neck sweaters, she thinks she is okay with a rounded neck. She wants it in white.


In other news, Saturday night I started a nice sweater for my buddy now on the ground in Afghanistan. I had four skeins (over 2,000 yards) of this wonderful Yowza worsted superwash wool from Miss Babs that I found knits up much like a DK in Bronze. (I love the yarn, but as a tight knitter, it does not perform at all like a worsted weight).

I found a pattern on Knitty using DK yarn on smaller needles (the pattern calls for Size 3 and Size 4), but the fabric it makes is lovely. The pattern is called Leo.

The above picture is from the Knitty site. The following one is from a great project someone did on Ravelry:

The ribbing is a monotonous 5 x 3, but it is going fairly quickly (as fast as one can on such small needles), but I am inspired and know my friend will be greaty pleased.

As I also know he likes cables and knots, I am going to modify the front of the pattern a bit. My thought is to a vertical cable to the right of the neck line on front and then have that same cable run down the left sleeve to give it some asymmetrical interest.

This one is going to take some time, though. As of late last night, I had barely reached twelve inches of ribbing for the back.

Here's a shot of it when I was about eight inches along...

I love the color!

(Please note, there are shadows falling over the picture as the color of the yarn is not that variegated.)

I also think it is a good design which can be worn over an undershirt (although the machine washed and dried fabric it makes is so soft) or under a heavier shirt and jacket for an extra layer of warmth. I understand that part of the world gets really, really cold in winter.

In addition, I am thinking I may make it a loose turtleneck. Does anyone have an opinion on that?

As Wee One has a sweater and a hoodie she would like me to knit, not to mention a sweater for me that lacks a pair of sleeves and a sweater for Sweet One and the husband I have the yarn for, socks may well be taking a back seat for a while.

After all, what else does one do when the outside temperatures remain over a hundred?


Please send me this pattern and remind me the yarn you are using. I need to make this sweater if it kills me. I have someone in mind who would look gorgeous in it!!
LauraB said…
DANG - now THAT is gonna hug some curves. Mmmm mmm. TASTY.
Richmond said…
Wow! Holy lots of projects going, Batman! They're all going to be great... :)

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