and Done!

Same pattern as in the previous post, but the yarn is Knit Picks Elegance in Jay.  The yarn is incredibly soft, but I have decided I am just not a Knit Picks fan.  I regret buying Knit Picks yarn for the husband's Christmas sweater, but I shall use it anyway.

The chair does not do much for the waist shaping, but the second Christmas sweater is officially complete!  I am half-way there.


Wee One's sweater is on the needles, but I cannot work on it while she is around and the husband's sweater is nothing more than a pattern and wound balls of yarn; however, it is not yet October and I think I can do it.

How about another Yay?!



Love all of them. and that baby sweater looks fantastic! Sweet will look gorgeous in that blue and MawMaw, well, red is her color!
Lolly said…
What do not like about the knit picks yarn?
Maria said…
Sell the yarn on ravelry. It will probably sell really quickly. Life's too short to knit with yarn you don't like!!!

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