New stuff

I got home yesterday and found this in my mailbox! (of course, they came in an envelope, but I didn't photograph that.)

I've been wanting to knit a Baby Surprise Jacket for at least a year.

I guess I fell in love with Jared Flood’s BSJs – beautiful yarn and kick-ass photos will do it every time. From what I’ve heard, it’s an ingenious design but an easy knit.

Day before yesterday, THIS was in my mailbox:

I wonder if someone's trying to tell me something...

And the week before that, THIS bejeweled little jewel was in my mailbox!

Oh, yeah...

Talk about soft...

Then these two beauties arrived at my office on Thursday:

It was a bit disappointing that they smelled like smoke; but it wasn’t TOO bad and they are airing out okay.

Thursday afternoon, after letting a doctor go to town on me, slicing off bits of unwanted skin, I stopped by a fabric store that I don’t get by very often, and these two fabrics said they’d like to go home with me and become a little girl’s dress. I think I could make that happen. A simple dress with a lacy little sweater, yes?

I can't think of a better way to usher in the Fall, can you?


Feisty said…

Just WOW!

Would a beautiful array of yarns and fabric. The stitch markers are not too shabby, either.

; )
LauraB said…
All gorgeous! And the dress...I cannot wait to see it! (Which reminds me to try and get hubby's antique sewing machine loaded with new thread to see if it will work...

I hope the skin isn't missed!! Egads.

Take care!
Michele said…
Trying to tell you something???

Not from this corner of TX!!

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