Photo Shoot

Even though I have yet to knit the husband a sweater, he was willing to brave 100 degree weather to don the infamous sweater before I wrapped it up and shipped it off to the Middle East.

While the recipient is several inches shorter than the husband, he has a broader chest. I think the sweater will be the perfect width and length, unfortunately, the sleeves will be far too long.

Even though it only took me eighteen days to knit from start to finish, it was hard to do, not because of the pattern. This was a wonderful pattern, that is just a tremendous amount of knitting. In all, I used over 2,000 yards.

Pattern: Leo
Yarn: Miss Bab's Yowza worsted in Bronze.


It is perfect! I love it. Handsome guy there too, hanging out in the play house! By the way? He will love it! Long arms and all!
Maria said…
So, we finally get to meet Mr. Feisty. Nice goatee! Oh, thanks a lot for making me want to start yet another project. I think I have the perfect yarn for this project!
Kit said…
The sweater is beautiful. You have a great talent for knitting.
Richmond said…
Wow! That looks really really great!! Sweater and hubby both. :)
LauraB said…
WOOT! So nicely done AND doesn't the Mister look handsome?! (Also, a BIG hurrah for the playhouse!!)

P.S. The long sleeves will do quite nicely at keeping hands warm. You could always do a thumb hole edit!
RSM said…
Quick Review from the recipient (since I finally found this...)

It is a fantastic sweater and very comfortable. I was able to wear it in my container at night and considering we often didn't have heat yet had several feet of snow, it was wonderful.

Now that I am back stateside, it is the envy of many.

Thank you.

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