What is it about me and sleeves?

Above are both Arzote sweaters I have been working on. The deep blue one is for Sweet One and the red one is for mom.

I have already completed the left sleeve on the blue one twice and ripped it out twice. My math was off both times and it came out too large.

Rather than completely wear out the blue yarn because I have only just enough to finish, I opted to work on the red sleeve.

I think my math is finally correct and I have made copious notes.

As the blue is a Christmas gift, when Sweet One returns home from college next week, I will have her try her grandmother's red one on for fit (they are both the same size, mom's is just a bit longer).

In other news, I love my Malabrigo in Simply Taupe:

It is destined to become the Tivoli Eileen Tee, although I plan to make long sleeves:

My gauge is spot on and I so love this yarn!

Just need to finish the sleeves on the top two sweaters, then two more to go for Christmas gifts...

I am actually feeling pretty good about it, as it is still only September!


Lolly said…
It may just be the picture, but the armholes on the blue vest look longer than the ones on the red. Also, I think vests usually have larger armholes than what would be on a sweater. You might need to keep these as vests or else you'll need to decrease quickly after picking up the armhole stitches, to get down to the size that the sleeve should be for the upper part of the arm.
Let us know what happens.
Feisty said…
Hey Lolly, following the link for Arzote, these were not vests, but pullovers with sleeves. Instead of knitting the sleeves separately, I decided to use the "afterthought" sleeves, so the arm holes should not be too large for sleeves.

The trick was not picking up too many stitches. The first time I picked up 3 for every 4 rows and that was far too many. The second time I picked up 2 for every three rows and it was still too many. When I finally just picked up every other one, I found success.

The red one should be completed tonight or tomorrow!

; )

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