Blue Beagle Love

Dark blue is really hard to photograph, but here is where we were a few days ago:

The yarn is fabulous, of course, but I am really enjoying the pattern and texture, as well.

Knitting in the round is slow going, especially for a man's garment 48" around, but there is certainly progress.

The interesting thing is that the husband walks through and sees me knitting all of the time and has yet to ask, because he never does, what I am working on.

Pattern:  Beagle
Yarn:  Malabrigo


Anonymous said…
Gorgeous! I'm sure he'll be thrilled.
Well, happy. Guys don't get thrilled, do they?
Feisty said…
If he is not appropriately thrilled, I will certainly tell him: "My next husband is really going to appreciate my knitting."

; )

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