Bobby Blue Ingenue - UPDATED

a.k.a the 72-hour sweater:

Pattern:  Ingenue by Wendy Bernard in Custom Knits
Yarn:  Malabrigo worsted in Bobby Blue

Exactly 72 hours after casting on, I was weaving in the last ends of this sweater.

I absolutely love it, especially the wide, slightly off the shoulders neck, three quarter sleeves, and cropped body.

However, it is for Sweet One.  She is scheduled to be home in the next hour or so.  She will probably hate it...

Modifications include:  added 20+ rows to the length of the body, as well as four additional inches to the length of the sleeves, and the bell-flare of the sleeves was omitted.

Hopefully, I can get Sweet One to model several of the last sweaters this weekend.


She loved it!

She came in long enough to grab a bit to eat and let me take a quick picture, then head out to the homecoming least she wore the sweater.


gorgeous! I knew she'd love it! It looks fabulous on her too!
Kit said…
wow you knit fast! And again, it looks great!
Lolly said…
Remember about this time last year, when you were saying, "I must knit faster?" I think you must've gotten faster.:) That looks great! I'm glad she likes it. Now you can make another one, huh?
Feisty said…
Thank you, Kit and Oddy!

Yes, Lolly, I was whining about my knitting speed when I started my first malabrigo project, the olive cardi for me.

; )

To be honest, Wee One was home with the flu this week and I had a lot more knitting time than I usually do.

Sweet has asked for a second one in the red-orangey Sealing Wax Malabrigo I have; however, instead of the decorative stitch pattern, I will do a 2x2 ribbing so the collar can be pulled down around her shoulders.

That project is on the horizon, but I really need to work on the husband's sweater, as well as Wee One's.

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