Stashing the stash

This year I think I have done a pretty good job of keeping the stash well under control, particularly with the number of sweaters completed and underway.

I have also done a fair bit of test knitting for Woolgirl.

Of course, what that means is that there has been some stash enhancement in recent weeks.

Care for a peek?

In sock yarn, there is some Zen String in Lotus Toes Sport:

Marguerite (the three pictures above) is a wonderful combination of several different colors.  Can you believe all those shades in one skein?


Pressed Flowers is the other colorway.  This is so my favorite.  I cannot wait to see how the colors knit up.

Then there is the Wool Candy Lollipop BFL fingering in Chocoberry:


Additional payment skeins included a couple in Dream in Color Classy in Gothic Rose.  Of course, to make a sweater, I needed a couple of more skeins:

Then Woolgirl had a sale on some Miss Babs Yowza (light worsted) that I have been coveting for a while and the husband ordered it for me for Christmas.  While he has it securely hidden for the next couple of months, I was able to sneak a quick photo shoot before he came home the day it arrived.  The color is Frog Belly:

The color is quite a leap for me, I know.  It is not quite as yellowish as the picture and is a bit softer and paler green.  Much like a Granny Smith apple.  I just adore it!

However, brace yourself because I just availed myself of the current sale going on at Woolgirl.  I have been keeping an eye on some Madeline Tosh worsted in a colorway called Saffron.

Oh, yeah.

I think I have definitely fallen completely off the cliff.

Red is a color I love, but never wear, even though it looks great on me, because I do not like to draw attention to myself.  My personality does more than enough of that for me without siren colors.

But, this deep reddish orange has really been calling my name.

It started with the Malabrigo in Sealing Wax.  Remember?

In any event, as soon as I get caught up on my Christmas sweater knitting (the right hand and thumb are actually doing much, much better, thank you!), the Sealing Wax Malabrigo will morph into this pattern called Rendezvous in the Fall 2009 Verena Magazine:

I actually have no idea what I will make with the Saffron yet...

So, anyone else have a few stash confessions to make?


Maria said…
I did a huge amount of damage at Tess' in Portland, but the dumb box still isn't here. And I probably not confess nearly all of it!

You picked some great stuff!!!
OMG! I love it all. I so love it all!
Lolly said…
Gorgeous stuff!
LauraB said…
I am SO coveting that Saffron!! Gorgeous autumnal shades...

I'll admit to FAR too much Donegal Tweed being added to my stash - and need I mention the beloved Colinette? LOL

The draft mitts are done in the tweed and I learned many a lesson. They aren't pretty but they ARE warm. And it lets me know that stashing was for a very good purpose!

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