That photo shoot...

Sweet One was not only gracious enough to model her blue sweater again, but also the two I made for my mother.

Here is Mom's Christmas sweater:

Ravelry link.

Mom's birthday sweater seems a little sad to me, but it is made to her specifications:  100% cotton, longer length, etc.

Ravelry link.

Sweet One's sweater is really gorgeous.  She also loves how soft and wonderful it is.


Ravelry link.


I LOVE THEM ALL! I used caps for emphasis . . . cause that's how I roll!
Richmond said…
Wow - they are all most beautiful!! Sweet modeling even more so!! :)
LauraB said…
Absolutely stinkingly perfect - esp the blue number.

My sox and I salute you. (or is that I and my sox - or Me and my sox? I was busy making out during that class.)

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