Winter Birches

On Saturday I received a package from Woolgirl to test knit a mitten pattern for her.

I just finished them and I really, really like them, although it was touch-and-go in the beginning as there were errors in the pattern I had to work through.

Next to socks, it is nearly impossible for one human to model and photograph mittens, so please forgive the pictures.

Yarn:  No idea, but I will ask.
Pattern:  Winter Birches by Lisa Dyksira for Woolgirl


LauraB said…
LOVE! I am in the middle - ok, at the start - of two mitts on two circs. But I LOVE those! Perfect winter branches pattern...
Richmond said…
Quite lovely!! :)
I love them! and can I tell you? listening to you bitch at the pattern under your breath? PRICELESS!

Love you!!!
Feisty said…

Very glad someone was enjoying my ire!

; )

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