Okay, so I started something else for myself...

With Christmas knitting down to one hoodie for the wee child, I started feeling a little cocky last night.

I know I cast on a few weeks ago for a new sweater for me and as wonderful and lovely as it is, it is dk weight and will take me a while.  Not to mention, it is not knit with Malabrigo.

So, I glanced at the projects I had ready to go, as in:  have already been swatched for and I decided I just had to cast on for the Eileen Tee:

Except, of course, there will be modifications.  Instead of the rolled stockinette hem at the bottom, I opted for a variation of the ribbed hem:

All it requires is the following when knit in the round:

Odd numbered rows:  k2, p1, k2
Even numbered rows:  knit

If one is knitting flat, then cast on and:

For WS odd numbered rows: p2, k1, p2
RS even numbered rows:  knit

Additional modifications include working in the round, instead of flat, and lengthening the sleeves.

As the sleeves are oddly shaped raglan-style which are seamed on after the fact, I decided I will use a provisional cast on and knit the sleeves as written from the bottom up to the shoulder.  When the sweater is done and sleeves are added, I will unzip the live stitches and knit the sleeves down to the wrist, in-the-round, two-at-a-time, because I am concerned about running out of yarn, although I think I should have enough.

For my size (46 1/2 bust), the pattern calls for 7 balls at 108 yards = 756 yards.  I have 1260 yards or 504 yards extra out of which longer sleeves and length will be added.

Hopefully, that is enough!

Despite what the pattern says, I am finding it hard to believe 756 yards is enough to knit a sweater for me. 

For Sweet One's Christmas sweater, as well as my mother's Christmas sweater (Sweet is modeling my mother's here) I knit the size 36" bust and used right at 660 yards on the same size needles.

This pattern is not yet in Ravelry, so I cannot compare to what others have done.

Does anyone else see a potential problem in the yardage?


Lolly said…
Your malabrigo is so pretty! That will look awesome.

I think your ribs at the bottom will take more yarn than if you just did stocking st. But 1260 yds sounds like enough. Just don't knit it too tight.

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