A hoodie for the wee child is underway.  The back is nearly complete:

The colors are fun.  I think she will like it.  This one has been designated as the Christmas knit for her.

The sweater for me is coming along.  Just when I began to think I would run completely out of yarn, I finished the front.  As I knit the body in the round, it was slow going until I hit the underarms, then the front practically finished itself, complete with the decorative trim at the raglan arm seams.

Here is a shot of the seam at the right arm:

So far, so good!


Lolly said…
I love that decorative seam! If a person didn't want raglan sleeves, that looks like it would make a pretty neckline, too, if you could work out the bottom of the Vee.
And Wee's is absolutely electric! Very nice!

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