Black Cherry Raglan

So much for predictions.

This jacket turned raglan is short two sleeves from being complete.

 The good news?

I absolutely love the color combination made with the two skeins of sock yarn.

The feel and weight of the knitted garment is wonderful!

The fit in the body is fine.

Converting the jacket into a pullover is fine.

In fact, I think I did a great job of joining the lapels seamlessly and continuing the seed stitch (or moss stitch, if you prefer) down the center of the garment.

The bad news:

Raglans really are not my thing.

Fitted sleeves are really more attractive on me.

The down side to knitting top-down raglan construction if you are wide through the shoulders and full through the chest, in order to get the item to fit through the body, the sleeves increase in size to the extent the sleeves become HUGE in circumference, even after I went down a needle size and immediately began decreasing.

End result:  The frog pond is imminent.

However, I so love the yarn and the yarn combination, I will be soon casting on for something else.

More good news?

I have given myself a 60-day challenge to not only improve my eating habits (as well as the family's), but I have also been incorporating a solid half an hour of exercise into my daily routine.  Diet cokes have been kicked to the curb, too.

In less than a week, I have already lost five pounds (mostly water, I admit).  My self-appointed weigh-in days are Fridays.

Do not be surprised if some recipes start cropping up over here, as I try new things.


Maria said…
Not the frog pond!!!!!

I'm starting my diet too. I'm at Mayo for my physical right now, and it seems that I'd feel better if I lost weight. I specifically asked about Diet Coke, and she told me I could have it!!!!! I think I'll survive.

Looking forward to the recipes.
Lolly said…
I'm determined to get more exercise and eat healthier, too.
We can do it!
I think it's pretty. :)
LauraB said…
Woot! Well, perhaps I ought to first say I'm sorry to read about the sweater hop to come...

But I am SO GLAD to read you are off the sodas! They really are no good for a person - even diet, yes. And eating healthier is not that hard - esp since you are such a good cook. All that prep of fresh ingredients can be daunting to a non-cooker.

Trooper got the Perfect Pushup device and the little things promptly whooped him. Said doing what he thought was a light 15 rep series had his arms and chest pumped in 10 minutes. And he whimpered in bed this AM when he woke. I can highly recommend them!

Congrats on the loss - stay the course!!
Michele said…
Congrats on the weight loss! I was just thinking yesterday that if I'm going to take up a hobby that doesn't require a lot of movement (except my hands and arms) I should try to get some walking in somewhere along the line!! *L*

Still struggling with a *&^% hat!! I'll get it if it kills me (and the hubby!) *S*

Love that yarn, tho! Beautiful color.
adamboysmom said…
Sorry to hear about the sweater!

I gave up diet coke almost a year ago. My ice tea maker has become indespenseable. It didn't help with weight loss, but I feel better. I am really trying to make the switch to only natural unprocessed foods (as I sit here eating tostitos).

My 6 year old asked for those perfect pushup things 2 years ago. Yes, she is strange but she does a mean one armed pushup.
sugarhigh said…
I'm so impressed--- both with your knitting and your commitment to a healthier lifestyle. I hope to emulate you in both! My knitting has just started. Alas--my diet coke habit is severe. I've cut back, but it's still in my life.

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