She Likes It!

All righty then, my first hat is history!! From the look on her face, my model totally loves the new look,,,

I can tell you that my next hat will not be done with double pointed needles!


Feisty said…
I love it!!

What yarn did you use.

; )
Michele said…
Thank you! *S*

The yarn is called Marble Chunky (sorry that's all it says on the label) an acrylic machine washable.
It's actually the same yarn I used to make my last scarf; I just got a closer shot of the hat than I did of the scarf!

When I get brave I'll start using more expensive yarn, but for now this will do.
Thea said…
My husband says double points look like knitting with hangers.

the hat is lovely!
Lolly said…
I love the project size of hats. And there are so many different styles. That one is pretty! I finally figured out the species of your model. ; )
LauraB said…
Well done! And I concur that one should practice on reasonably priced yarn - plenty of time to start the investment in the fine stuff. Now, if I could just get my husband to quit enabling my yarn addiction...LOL

LOVE your model!!!
Kit said…
Love the colors!

I find starting on circular needles is easier until I get to the top where I have to switch to the double pointed needles.
sugarhigh said…
Colors are SO pretty! Did you use a pattern or go on the fly?

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