Hats, Hats, Hats!

I have been busy the past few weeks! While helping my sister who broke her hip at the beginning of the month, I have found some time to do a little knitting. I've finally conquered the art of making a hat, both with DPN's and cirs!!
The hubby is modeling The boyfriend hat that I just completed.

I used Louisa Harding Kashmir Aran in brown; the pattern found here: http://stephanieknits.blogspot.com/2007/03/keeping-boyfriends-ears-warm-since-2006.html

I also finished two other hats using Plymouth Yarn Mushishi. They are intended to go to a Mother/Daughter duo as stocking stuffers this Christmas.

I have enough of both yarns left to make matching scarves for each hat.
My next 'want to do',,,,learn how to make socks!!!


Feisty said…
Wow, Michele!

Those hats are AWESOME!

Find a class that teaches two socks on two circulars at a time. Seriously.

If you need a tutrix, come see me!!

; )
LauraB said…

LOVE the hats. And good on ya for having acquired a generous amount of yarn.

My bane is that I get lovely stuff but hardly enough of it to make anything! Trying to teach myself to avoid that in the yarn store...

Ditto on the two circs thing. There is a book on my "shelf" at Ravelry that does a really good job of laying it out. The key is to have one circ longer than the other so, at the start, you can tell which one they're talking about.

And know that when you first mount the stitches and start knitting they will look like bizarre crazy messes. You have to trust yourself. AND knot that first and second stitch on the ends tightly to avoid ladders...which you have already learned!!
Michele said…
LauraB, how do I find you on Ravelry?

I've found a 'self-help' on-line instruction for making socks using DPN's. I may try that just so I understand what goes into making a sock then try circs. That's what I did on my first hat.

Thanks to all for the encouragement! My goal is to make at least one pair of socks by the end of the year,,,or should I rephrase that to say one pair of WEARABLE socks by the end of the year!! *L*
Bobo Knitter said…
Wow! excellent. Wish I could do that . . . sigh. . . :)
Michele said…
Bobo Knitter, if I can do it, ANYONE can! Just jump in with both feet and don't look back!

(Bring yarn on Mem. Day!!)
Lolly said…
That Plymouth yarn is beautiful!
My husband was telling me that his mom (who made him and his brother socks all the time) used two sets of dpns and had both socks going at the same time. She'd work a little on one, then switch and work on the other, so that she finished them both at the same time! That was smart.

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