Two at a time

Normally when I knit socks two-at-a-time, I divide the yarn into two separate balls and go from there.

Apparently, I was struck with a bout of laziness and decided to start two pairs, one sock at a time, at the same time.  If that makes sense.

Opal was one of the first sock yarns I used when I started knitting again.  As in, after I graduated from two-plus decades of occasionally knitting scarves using only knits and purls.

It is not the softest sock yarn out there.  To some, it may not be the prettiest sock yarn out there, but there is something about the colors and patterns that I find comforting, not to mention, those suckers wear extremely well.

So, I have socks on the needles when the mood calls for some mindless knitting and I do not mind admitting I am somewhat enchanted watching the colors change.

Yeah, yeah, simple minds and all that...


Anonymous said…
Actually, I think that's brilliant! Thanks for the birthday wishes too!
Lolly said…
I guess I'll have to get more needles. At least until I finish up some not-so-mindless socks.

That's really pretty yarn!
Michele said…
I still only have 1 1/2 pair of socks done! *L* I know why you do them two at a time now!!

In my defense I have several other WIP's that are on the front burner right now. Birthays and all,,,,,

Those are some wild colors, tho!

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