Green is the new black, seriously!

 After Laura left on Sunday, the husband informed me he really liked her green yarn.  As I was planning to knit him a henley and he had already requested one in green, this was no surprise.

This is the design he selected from Knits Men Want:

Because I needed 2000 yards or about 2 pounds of dk weight yarn, I had to dye in two batches.  My methodology was to mix up enough dye stock for both batches and carefully measure the requisite amounts for each.

The first batch came out exactly like the test skein.

The second one was about three shades lighter.

I seriously have no clue as to why, unless it had something to do with the dye stock sitting out for an hour after I combined the colors and until I could complete the first batch.  I have only one dye pot, you see.

Scratching my head, I felt compelled to make all four 560 yard skeins as closely as possible and defied the experts by mixing up a third batch and dyeing everything together.  This was moderately successful.

I did learn that omitting (intentionally) the glauber salt will result in a more mottled dye strike, which was fortunately what I was striving to achieve.

I also learned you can dye 2 pounds of yarn in half the liquid volume recommended.  There are semi-solid variations of green with spots of blue throughout all four skeins; however, the husband (extremely smart man that he is) expressed complete satisfaction and noted he wanted it to look hand-dyed and not perfectly uniform in color.

The eyes do not deceive.  The skein in front is a darker shade, but that darkness also appears in various areas of the other three skeins, too.

Knitted up, it looks lovely.

I have hereby dubbed the color:  Hubby Verde.


LauraB said…
WOW!!! Amazing!! And he is wise...
See, it is so very magical and strange - one wishes there was a set chemistry to it but I suspect that there is a bit of chaos theory to be expected, too!

AMAZING. You rock!!
Michele said…
Of course he's a smart man,,,he married YOU didn't he?? *S*

LOVE the green and the pattern.

I agree with LauraB, you are amazing!

I've got 10 more rows on my shrug and I shall be finished,,,just in time for the summer! *L*

(like the new layout by the way)
Lolly said…
I love the new layout! At first, I thought I was at the wrong place.

That green is beautiful! Hubby Verde may have to be a "one-of-a-kind" color, eh?
Feisty said…
Thank you, Ladies!

Lolly - unless, of course, I trade him in...

; )

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