Knitting furiously...

just not much I can share to show for it.

Since the beginning of the year I have been test knitting, designing, and test knitting some more, but most of the projects are super secret; however, a few of the secrets have now been revealed.

My test knitting is primarily for Woolgirl who has the most amazing kits!

In her Alice in Wonderland series of kits, I knit socks for the Mad Hatter and for Alice, respectively:

Then, for her Miss Babs Club featured Katharine Hepburn with this beret and pair of mits.

One of these days, I will think to take a picture of one of these kits when it first arrives to share who truly wonderful they are!

Happy Knitting!


Michele said…
Amazing!! You are just amazing! *S*

I've completed about 75% of my button up shrug. I'm finding I really like doing lace! (at lesat this pattern).
Feisty said…
Hey Michele - None of those are my designs, just test knits.

Cannot wait to see your shrug! You know that Classic Elite Soft Linen is one of my favorites!

; )
LauraB said…
LOVE how that yarn just makes a kind of checkerboard pattern in the beret and mitts!

Cannot wait to get my woolgirl kits!! Now I see why the waiting about kills you guys.

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