A Finished Object!

I finally completed something I can share!!

 Including a shawl pin from my lovely Sweet model/daughter for my birthday!

Yarn:  Little Lola in "Pumpkin Cheesecake" by Schaefer Yarn
Pattern:  Butternut Scarf by Anne Hanson

The finished dimensions were 20.5" x 80".

I absolutely LOVE it!

I used every bit of the three skeins I had for a total of 840 yards of worsted weight.


Michele said…
Beautiful!!! Love the color and you will look so good in it!

Lovely shawl pin. I almost got you the same thing! *S*

*model is looking quite lovely too*
Lolly said…
Butternut and pin both are stunning! Can't wait to see more!
LauraB said…
I agree that the shade will be amazing on you - my fav autumnal pumpkin-y tones!!

The pin is the whipped cream on top AND a cherry!!
Boboknitter said…
I absolutely love it!

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