Speaking of Malabrigo...

...as Feisty did in the previous post... I recently finished a project made with a skein of sock weight, which was gifted to me last Spring, in the colorway Stonechat, which I'll confess was a color I had admired in the E-stores for quite some time, but had no idea where the word stonechat came from. (You do find yarns out there with the most unusual names!) Somewhere I learned it was a bird. For this post, I googled it and after several minutes of scrolling through the bird images, still did not find one that matches the colors of this yarn. But yarn and birdie are both very pretty. While the bird appears to be shades of gray/black and orange/red, my yarn is more a combination of shades of olive and reds tinged with pink - not orange.

Anyway, after a few hours, and a few more hours, of photographing my finished project, and culling those pictures which turned out too purplish, I readied a few to share. This one shows the true colors (and those squishy garter stitches) fairly well.

This next one shows the colors well, too, along with the smooth stockinette and lace diagonals....

Have you guessed yet what I made with this one skein of Malabrigo sock yarn? This next photo might help. There's bird's eye lace around the edges!

The pattern was designed for using one skein of Malabrigo sock yarn. I followed the pattern exactly and I ended with about half an ounce of yarn left over.

The blocking took a few pins!

My finished Damson is not without a couple of slight mistakes; but I'd still rate it as a fairly easy pattern for an "intermediate" knitter.

Now, I just have to wait a couple more months (at least) for weather cool enough to wear a bit of wool around my neck and/or shoulders. Or I could take a trip to see the last of Summer in Canada or Alaska (yeah, when I win the Lotto.)

Till then, my Stonechat Damson will just be hanging around


Feisty said…
Lolly, that is stunning!

Beautiful photography, too!

So very happy you were/are pleased with the yarn.

; )
LauraB said…
WOW! I have seen that shade and always wondered if it would knit up into anything really lovely. You have proved the point right there. And yes, terrific photography!!!
Lolly said…
Thank you both for the nice words!

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