Lolly was right, lots of things are going on when Feisty is quiet.

First off, the classes at the Knitting Nest have been going extremely well.  I cannot convey how much I am enjoying the interaction and enthusiasm of my class participants.  It has been exciting and rewarding.

Last night, I covered my first Thursday evening class.  It was Beyond Basic Knitting.  I felt like we accomplished a great deal and was heartened when a couple of people who were there for Knit Night signed up for the next class! The next Beyond Basic Knitting will be offered on Sunday, October 3rd from 2 - 4 in the afternoon.

The next class I am teaching is Socks Your Way! from 2 -4 on Sunday, September 26th.  This is a class for those with basic sock knitting experience who want to be able to convert patterns from cuff down to toe up or vice versa and who are interested in learning different heel methods (short-row, under foot gussets, etc.,), as well as different cast-ons, bind-offs, and two-at-a-time.  It will be a fast-paced class, but there will be supplemental written materials, too.

Stacy has a schedule of the September classes here.  The calendar for October is full of different classes, too.  It is here.  I have several set up for October.  In addition to the Beyond Basic Knitting on October 3rd, there is the Bobble Me This! scarf on Thursday, October 14 from 7 - 9; the first of a two-part Pi Shawl (Ahsante) class on Sunday, October 17th from 2 - 4 (the second part will be on Sunday, November 7th), and another Socks Your Way! class on Thursday, October 21 from 7 -9.

If anyone is interested, just give Stacy a call at 512-291-8866.

Wow.  It looks like I better get busy!

Below are the sample for some of these classes:

Bobble Me This! Scarf

Ahsante Pi Shawl

All the patterns will be available in the coming weeks.

In addition to the classes, I have been designing and knitting quite a bit.

The second shawl commissioned in the Spectra Series for Curious Creek Fibers is a triangular shawl called Jambo (which is "Hello" in Swahili).  All of Curious Creek yarns garner their inspiration and names from reserve and game parks across the continent of Africa.  In honor of this tradition, each of the shawls in this series has been given a Swahili name.

Here is a snippet of Jambo. Please forgive the presence of the lifelines and note the shawl is still in progress and has not yet been blocked; however, I just LOVE how beautifully the fluted lace edging is knitting onto the body of the shawl.

The Knitting Nest will be offering Christmas kits which will be available for pre-order in October. These kits will include a skein of hand-dyed indie yarn, a coordinating project bag, an exclusive pattern, and other little goodies. These will be offered in three different colored kits:  Regal Purple, Christmas Red, and Christmas Green.  The Regal Purple will feature a scarf pattern, the Christmas Red has a festive sock pattern, and the Christmas Green will have a triangular shawl.

Here are a couple of previews of the Regal Purple "Flurries" scarf and the Christmas Red "Festive" sock.  I hope you like them as much as I do!

Okay, now back to knitting and pattern writing!

Hope everyone is doing well and fine!


Michele said…
As always everything is just beautiful!!!!

One question,,,do you ever sleep?? *S*
Lolly said…
Does this mean I can now show off my Fountain cowl?

That Jambo looks very interesting!
And I really like the Festive sock; but I can't seem to finish a pair of socks... :(

I saw recently the schedule of all your classes! I'm glad you're enjoying them.
Feisty said…
Yes, Lolly!

Both you and Michele can share now.

; )

I haven't posted the pattern yet because I want to knit it once more in a worsted weight, too.

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