The Man Room conversion was actually a bigger project than I had first anticipated.

However, it is *almost* complete.  All that remains is to sew and hang a decorative valance.

After Christmas, I moved my little sewing operation from the dining room into the husband's Man Room, which was just some carved out attic-like space.

The first to go were the dead animals.  Thereafter, the real work began:  5 gallons of Kilz, 3 gallons of wall paint, and 1 gallon of white ceiling paint.  It is not lost on me that the word "pain" comprises most of the word "paint."

However, the results are lovely, I think.  Even though, I would have preferred to replace the flooring, as well.  I am hoping cork is somewhere in my future.

This is a multi-function room, to say the least.  The husband retains a corner for his gun safe, skull with antlers, duck stamp print, and locker full of hunting clothes, not to mention his fly-fishing rod rack.  In addition, we needed an overflow guest room, too.

So, what I now have is an office/sewing room, personal yarn shop/guest room/man corner.

Last weekend, we had the unenviable task of helping to square away the last of my mother-in-law's estate.  It was a mess; however, the antique mirror with the broken frame and plates, as well as the large blue chair came from there.

Surprisingly, the fabric on the blue chair is very similar (albeit in a different color way) to the fabric I chose as inspiration for the room.  

When I have a spare moment, I will make the curtain and a few accent pillows from it.  There may even be enough of it to make a bed skirt...

Of course, no room would be complete without the ever-faithful and loving Remy.  He will be six months old in two days!  He is already 52 pounds.

He can usually be found lying next to my desk...

or underneath it.

Now, I have a ton of knitting, designing, and sewing to do!

Has anyone else been busy?


Love the transformation of your room and the color is so inviting. I see we chose similar racks for our stash. Don't you love those and they are so easy to put together. I am admiring the one you are using for your cutting table. I have not seen that one yet .... would you share where you got that one from?
Feisty said…
Thank you!!

Here is a link to the stainless table I use as a cutting table.

; )
Michele said…
Compared to what you've accomplished, I haven't been up to a dang thing!! *S*

Love the room, I can't imagine how anyone could sleep in there, though! All that yarn screaming at you ??? *L* I'd be up all night trying to 'help' you control your stash!
Feisty said…

OMG, Michele, you had me laughing out loud with that one.

You are most welcome to "help" me with my stash, although, I think Lolly has dibs on the room when you both come.

She was very concerned when the renovation started that her bed stay up there!

; )
Lolly said…
It's so nice of you to post, finally! After I was there in January, I realized I didn't even ask to see your stash.
LauraB said…
Well, I am in deep envy of your stash organization, now...with my stepdaughter having arrived at 5:30 this morning (a 24 hr day for her) I had to take all the yarn from her room and stack it in ours...

I love how you've organized it. Love the paint color. And love Remy. Tell us what is on your plate these days!!
RSM said…
um... It was one of the only "man" places in the house. I guess I'll sleep out by the grill then...

Feisty said…
Your man cress are in no danger!

; )
Feisty said…
That would be "creds."

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