A Tisket, a Tasket....a lovely, lovely basket!

A few weeks ago, some knitterly friends came over for a day of yarny goodness, a hearty meal, and lots of laughter.

Accompanying two of them was the most thoughtful basket full of fabric, flowers, a monogrammed vase, wind chimes, and all sorts of wonderful goodies.

Upon seeing it, my immediate thought went to food.  I asked myself, at the time:  "Wouldn't this make the perfect bread basket?"

No, that did not make me or the basket happy.

My mind, still centered on food, asked:  "Fruit, perhaps?"  Everyone needs a fruit basket (eggs, you see, were out of the question because we have no chickens).

Afraid the fruit would soil the basket, I decided that was a poor use for the lovely basket.

So, lonely basket stood empty...

At least, for a short, short while, before yarn began jumping into it!

I am pleased to report both basket and assortment of yarns are very, very happy.

The End.


Michele said…
I knew, somehow, that yarn would be involved!! *L*

Makes a nice decoration for the 'yarn store',,,*S*
Feisty said…
Speaking of "yarn store," I have been considering deleting all my stash entries in Raverly, and saving a ton of money by "rediscovering" what I already have and have forgotten about. A different slant on "shopping at home."

; )
LauraB said…
So pretty!! And I like your stash idea - but not the labor. LOL But I know that inventory would suit you...

I would take it out, label it with dedicated projects/patterns, and get to knitting.

WV: Achar - Jesu, you DO have it all insured, right?!
Feisty said…
We are insured for replacement of house and household contents, but the husband would not allow me to add a special rider for the yarn or my needles. Stacy at the Knitting Nest and I talked specifically about the needles last year. I have a goodly sum invested in Addi Turbos and such that I carry with me occasionally. The husband scoffed when I suggested additional insurance.

I guess, I better leave the Rav stash alone, it's the perfect inventory...
Lolly said…
I'm so unorganized...
That's a beautiful basket! I'd love to come shopping at your yarn store. :) Do you have a sale bin?

I was digging through my stash recently. Came across my one skein of Lorna's Laces Lorikeet wool/silk (at least that's what I'm remembering it as. The label was gone.) I have balled the skein, swatched it several ways; even started a headband a few months ago (my own sorry design - I get these creative gusts that blow up sometimes but then die too soon. It was one of the first skeins I splurged on several years back - paid full price because I just loved it!! I still love it. I know one day it will turn into something...useful. Or at least pretty. Maybe some wristbands...or a little purse...it's a patient yarn. :)

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