Have I mentioned bags lately?

Pleated wristlet bags:


Here is a shot for size perspective:

The Sweater-sized Feisty Bags:

The new Dumpling Bag:

The Purse Bag:

Although this one was extra specially made for a birthday girl this weekend, 
I love the little pocket with Bambi fabric on the inside!

Both the inside and outside prints are made from delightful Japanese fabric!


Joy said…
Love the bags! You do such wonderful work!!
Feisty said…
Thank you, Miss Joy!
Lolly said…
I love my new bag, especially the way the handles work. I've been carrying it a lot lately - just the right size for my glasses case, contact lens case and solution and makeup bag. Oh, and the extra pair of panties. ; )
Feisty said…
Hey Lolly!

I didn't get a picture of your bag!

You are too funny!
LauraB said…
How I covet each one!! You are one amazing woman...
Lolly said…
Okay, I'll post a picture of my bag...one of these days. :)

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