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Christmas Knitting...

I told myself I was not going to pressure myself into knitting for Christmas.


I told myself I was not going to pressure myself into knitting for Christmas this year.

I didn't.

Well, not really.

A friend of mine moved to Baltimore a month or so ago.  I hated to see her go, but it was a wonderful opportunity.  Baltimore is a lot colder than South Texas, even though she is originally from New York.

She needed a hat or something warm for her head.

I saw this pattern:  A Better Bucket (I swiped the photo from the designer):

It is a GREAT pattern, free, too!

I made the first one out of Malabrigo Rios in Ravelry Red.  The only thing, I made it while intoxicated on cold medicine the week after Thanksgiving when I was quite ill.  It came out looking like a top hat a la Dr. Seuss.  Apparently, there's a difference from knitting 6.5 inches from the edge of the brim, as opposed to knitting 6.5 inches from where the brim attaches to the body of the hat.  I missed that.  It was supposed to be from the edge of the brim.  sigh.

The second one one I made out of Malabrigo Merino in Ravelry Red.  Notice a trend forming here?  Kicking the cold medicine habit, I was able to knock it out correctly this time.  It was adorable, especially with the vintage button I attached.

Unfortunately, I failed to take pictures of either of them.  The second one, I brought to the office to show off before I mailed it off. I explained to a colleague about my drug-addled mistake, and she begged me to bring her the first one because she wanted it.  Actually, she wanted anything knitted and duly promised to wear it.  Rather than save it for a Halloween costume for one of the kids, I caved and gave it to her.  She loves it.

Here's a shot of all that remains of both hats, 1 and 2, as well as my last two of these vintage buttons:

Inspired, I needed a little sweet something for a ten-year-old I know. I cast on a third time, but went down a needle size.  This time I used Malabrigo Rios in Arcos Iris, AND I got a shot of it:

Those are actually a combination of buttons.  I had a coconut button with just one hole in it.  I added a little mother of pearl vintage button with a brass pin and shaft and combined them for the perfect cloche accessory.

Again, this is a great pattern that knits up quickly (an evening) and uses less than 1 skein of yarn!


Lolly said…
Those are beautiful! I don't know if I have time for even this quick knit; I think I need a more unisex cap to make. But I do like this hat!
Hope you and yours stay well throughout the Holidays!
lady said…
Happy Holidays, Lolly!!

; )

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