How did that happen?!

(This is a shot from the back.)

I was knitting along, not paying much attention to actually how much I had left to do in anticipation of the color work section.

The stranding came and went.

Then, all of the sudden, I was binding off.


The body is complete, along with a pair of sleeves.

All that remains is to steek and pick up stitches for the button bands.



LauraB said…
You little snot! GAH!
(I have nearly completed the cabled portion - last row...hoping straight stitches go quickly...)
Sherrie Wadstrom said…
Oh. My. Goodness! It's beautiful!! I feel so inadequate. I'm still plugging away on my first sleeve. I've got about a half inch of the beautiful (yet aggravating) edging. Then I'll be back to blessed stockinette. Yay! Then on to the second sleeve. Boo.

In other knitting news... I've got one edge of the Rafiki done. I'll probably do the other end tomorrow. It's going to be AMAZING. I love, love, LOVE the Madelinetosh.
Feisty said…
Be nice, Laura! Don't ask me how I managed to FUBAR the button band. I just bound off and realized I did not include the collar portion!!


Yay for Rafiki, Sherrie!

Hi, Lolly!

; )

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