Fair Isle Besotted

That would be me.

Or should I say:  Stranded in Fair Isle?

Pattern:  Olafsdottir by Sunday Knits

My yarn choices?
Classic Elite Waterlily in Celestial (left) for the snowflakes
and Bramble (right) for the body and background.

Of course, I cannot start this until I finish this other little Fair Isle project:

Pattern:  Stripes, checks, and curlicues hoodie vest by Kathleen Taylor 
Yarn: Mini Mochi in 103 (left) and 107 (right) below:

This is a fun pattern that is really easy.  Significantly easier than it appears. Just a few more inches and the body with be complete, then I will need to steek the armholes, reinforce the neckline and cut them, before seaming the shoulders and picking up stitches for the hoodie. After all that is done, I will have to steek the front, too!  Instead of a zipper, Wee One has asked for a series of buttons along the front.  Fortunately, I just happened to have some she loved!

The ones in the foreground are a bit washed out.  The true color of the these bronze-like buttons is best represented by the single button in the center.  They really do look nice.  I am so proud of her.  She selected the yarns and the buttons.  Yay for Wee!

Now, if she would just knit the thing!


LauraB said…
I think you are mad as can be for all that fair isle - so hard!! BUT you just go on ahead without me. BTW, this guy does some amazing stuff with it...

Joy said…
LOVE THIS!! I have some grey yarn I can use for the body and maybe some hotpink for the snowflakes...
Martine said…
I love your hoodie vest. Can't wait to start mine!

Greetings from Belgium
Martine (mintaka from Ravelry)
Feisty said…
Great link, Laura, thank you!

Hey Joy!! I see Aunt Sue is nuts for this one, too!

Hello Martine!! So good to see you! Finish up that hoodie and knit Olaf with with us!

; )

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