That Planning Gene

It happens.

Everyone once in a while, I get a wild hair to inspect the stash and pair up patterns to yarn.

Not long ago, Glenna C. came out with a dk weight cardigan called Locke Street. I loved the cut of the fit and the shawl collar, but because of the cables, I was having difficulty finding enough of any one yarn in my stash to make it.  There were several contenders, but I typically stock 1800 - 2000 yards for sweaters.  1800 is way plenty for pullovers, and 2000 is usually enough for cardigans, but I needed 2080 for Locke Street.

Looking at the pattern again this afternoon, it hit me!  Miss Babs Yowza in Obsidian is a light worsted that swatched up perfectly.  Woot!

Not that I was ready to cast on or anything, as I have a ton of other things already on the needles, it just feels better to know how each skein in the stash is dedicated to something.

Taking it one step further, I decided to delve into the button stash to see what might work.

(Just so you know, you can click on any of the pictures and 
they will get bigger or right click 'em into a new tab!)

The button in the upper right hand corner looks great, and I love it.  Unfortunately, Wee One specifically had me order those for her or my quest would be complete.  The one in the lower left hand corner is too small.  The one in the bottom right hand corner would actually work, but I love the one above it.  So, that search continues.

Unwilling to throw in the towel, I pulled out other languishing skeins and more buttons:

The above yarn is Madelinetosh Vintage in Nightbloom.  I think both buttons work really well.  The one on the left is completely round.  On the left is a glass button.  Both look fantastic, but I am not sure which one I will use.  The patterns under consideration is Pomme de Pin (which I know calls for sport weight) and Wrought Iron Cardi.

The Madelinetosh dk in Curiosity above will probably become a pullover, so buttons are not necessary, but I got a kick out of how the contrasting buttons pop against the gorgeous color.

The Classic Elite Waterlily in Wedgewood is a lovely aran weight, which will become Chic Knits Cassidy.  The far left button is milk glass and vintage.  The far right is Wee One's button again.  It works with just about anything.  However, I think I will go with the darker button in the middle.

The Dark Teal above is Miss Babs Yowza again.  I have three skeins for a total of 1,680 yards, which means this will be another pullover or wrap, not requiring any buttons, but the color is lovely.

Yet another batch of Madelinetosh dk, this time in Byzantine.  My new favorite in this batch is the first button on the second row, although that one in the bottom right hand corner (Wee One's selection) looks pretty darn good, again.  The round purple button in the upper right hand corner is making another appearance.  It was in the Nightbloom and Curiosity pictures, too.  I actually like the red/purple combination here.

The Madelinetosh Vintage in Fig has been  earmarked for Dark and Stormy for a long time.  While I love the resin button (first button on the second row), I am actually leaning toward the ones on the right hand top and bottom pictures.  That surprises me.  As the buttons are relatively the same size, I am sure a final decision will be made WHEN, I finally finish the sweater.  Of course, one might have to cast on...

Buttons are fun!

Any thoughts?


Lolly said…
Some beautiful yarns and buttons! Maybe you can get more buttons like Wee's.
Okay, did you change out pictures on this post? I would have sworn there were two photos of the button that's in the bottom right of the set with the Dark Teal Yowza yarn. I really like that one with that yarn; but i remember you had the same button with another yarn (maybe the Fig) that it didn't go with, as well. Anyway, with the Dark Teal, I think it would look great with your gold jewelry.

Of course, I'm only looking at pictures. Not quite the same as in-person.
Feisty said…
Hey Lolly!

No, I didn't change out any of the pictures.

When are you headed this way again.

They are much prettier in person!!

Sending you and email with a pic of my latest obsession!

; )
Lolly said…
Now that I reload the page, they are all there. I guess I had right-clicked on it and opened it in a different window and that moved it out of my current view.

I don't know when I'll make it down that way. I had wanted to come to the Orchid Show on 4/28; but I'm not sure.

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