Seriously Spoiled!

The husband bought a camper a couple of months ago.  We have taken it out once, but we are going again in just a couple of weeks.


Over breakfast this morning, he asked me what I thought we needed before our next little excursion.

While the list is long and varied, one thing immediately sprang to mind:  a chair in which to comfortably knit.

He laughed, before asking, "Are you kidding me?"

A glance at my face, and he quit laughing and proffered a Camping World catalog.

I squealed!

Catalogs are a good thing!

It took a solid three minutes, but I circled two chairs and returned it to him.  He nodded absently, and nothing more was said.

At noon, the older daughter picked up the mail and handed it to me when she came in.  There was not one, but two, Camping World sales flyers in it.  I kept one, and asked her to give the other to her father.

Fortuitously, one of the two chairs I had circled was in it.

"Page 8," I told him, "bottom left hand corner."

He silently nodded again.

Right after lunch, things started hopping.  The younger daughter had a volleyball game.  Laundry needed to be started.  The kitchen needed to be cleaned.  Very late in the afternoon, the husband sought me out to inform me he had a number of errands to run:  tomato and jalapeno plants for the garden; gas for the vehicle; and dog food, etc.

Well, my honey came home a few minutes ago and announced he had a surprise for me!

He said the sale did not actually start until Monday but he sweet talked the check out clerk to go ahead and sell him a couple of camping chairs early.

Cue Johnny Cash (albeit, while you hum the tune, change the lyrics a bit, something along the lines of "I can knit everywhere, man, I can knit everywhere...") and behold The Perfect Camping Knitting Chair:

It is light-weight and durable with an attached table for pattern, yarn, and diet Coke on the right, comfy seat, and extra handy-dandy storage pockets on the left for phone, extra needles, scissors, and other knitterly accouterments.


Diet Coke on the right, knitting in my lap, and trusty canine companion Remy on the left.

Oh, yeah!

I am ready for camping now!

Who's with me?!


Maria said…
I want to come!!! I even have my own camper! And chair!
Feisty said…
You have a poodle, too, Maria!

Come on down!!

; )
Alan said…
Oh wow, knitting while camping is the ultimate zen activity. We like to sleep in tents but increase the comfort using an air mattress - something like this.
Feisty said…
That looks comfy!!!

; )
Lolly said…
As long as I'm not sweating, I'm there. If y'all head toward the mountains of New Mexico, let me know. :)
Feisty said…
Hey Lolly!

We are going to Durango, Colorado the last two weeks of July with a stop for the Silverton Train and Mesa Verde!

; )
Lolly said…
Oh, that will be nice!

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