Reluctant Model

Would you smile if someone had just finished knitting you a lovely little Fair Isle Hoodie?

I suppose, I should have waited until the afternoon, to give her hair a chance to dry and her a chance to fully awake.

In any event, I think she is lovely in her hoodie, despite the humidity and heat.

Oh, wait, a small smile broke through before the pre-teen angst banished it!

Pattern and yarn details here.

Because the yarn is single ply fingering, the button band was a little light and floppy. So, I added some coordinating ribbon all along the inside of the band, including around the hoodie.  I love the way it turned out!


DeenieWeenie said…
Very cute! She's trying to strike a pose mom, leave her alone LOL
Feisty said…

Hi Dena!

I suppose there is that!

; )

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