Earl Grey in the rain

That actually sounds like a lonely refrain from a heart break song; however, it is the lovely beginnings of a cardigan in MadTosh sport's "Earl Grey" photographed in the rain.

While I started this project a month ago and it feels as though I should be further along, I have to remind myself that I have only been able to work on it during my lunches at the office, as I have had a major knitting deadline project to complete.

It really was a shock when I put this on the mannequin this morning, and it was so short!  I guess I do not often knit cardigans on sport weight yarn with small needles.  However, the yarn is wonderful to work with, and I could not love the colors more.

As a button freak, I sewed the first pair on at the first opportunity. 


Well, I say, perfect, even though they were bigger than the pattern called for and I had to adjust the size of the button hole.  Perfect for me!

This is a clever pattern:  Jacquetta  It is obviously knit from the top down with raglan sleeves in a seamless fashion. What makes it interesting is that the button bands are knit with it in one piece, as well in a 1 x 1 ribbing.  There is absolutely no seaming once the knitting is done, not even under the arms.

As the yarn is variegated, I have been alternating skeins to avoid pooling of the colors; however, my usual point to switch skeins is at one of the ends where I would normally pick up the button band; however, as the button band is knitted on in a single piece, I did not want to carry the yarns up the finished edge, so I ended up moving my skein switching to where the ribbing of the button band met the stockinette of one of the fronts on the wrong side.

The green arrow above is touching the line of yarn carried up every other row, as I alternated skeins on the back side of the piece on the left.  The piece on the right is the wrong side of the other front where I did not alternate skeins.  I think the transition between the yarns was smooth and neat.  I was very pleased.

If I were a more of a monogamous knitter, I might actually finish this before fall...

That is probably not going to happen.  I cast on a tee using two strands of lace weight silk a couple of nights ago...

Happy Knitting!


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