Elfin Bohus

In January of last year, three of my closest friends and I decided to embark on a little knit-a-long.  A Fair Isle pattern was selected, the Bountiful Bohus.

With much flurry and excitement, as well as a bit of trepidation, as one of us named her project Panic at the Fair Isle on Ravelry, much yarn was acquired, and we were off.

Sherrie and I finished ours, then Miss Joy finished hers, all the while the lovely Laura diligently knit away on hers.

Fall came and went.  By late winter, Laura had conquered the stranded Fair Isle, the steeking, and all the finishing on her bohus.  It fit beautifully, and she was proud, rightly so.

Not long after, Sherrie and I, along with our families, were RV camping during Spring Break when we received a fateful message from Laura.  She had washed the Bohus again, after she had steeked and picked up the button bands.  She had done, exactly as we had, popped it into her front load washer, selected the delicate-cold wash cycle and sent it on its way, except she placed it in a lingerie bag first. Apparently, the lingerie bag caused it to felt.

She had a beautifully hand knit bohus cardigan the perfect size for a hobbit.

She was sick.

We were sick for her.

The word "bohus" was promptly banished from all conversation.

Looking through my stash, I realized I had the perfect yarn to make Laura another.  I had three skeins of Miss Babs Yowza in a deep blue.  Better yet, the yarn was superwash!  Digging a little deeper, I found a skein of deep plum, also in Miss Babs Yowza.  Finally, I discovered I had a partial skein of a beautiful green that Laura and I dyed together some three years ago left over from a Henley sweater I knit for my husband. It was the same weight as the Yowza!  Putting the three colors together, I could almost hear Laura whisper the word: "Elfin."

What do you think?

Of course, Laura was not available for a photo shoot, but the younger daughter was:

On Tuesday, I popped this in the mail for overnight delivery.

This morning Laura sent me an email in which she described her morning as a comedy of errors. The first line  of her missive read:  "I swear – I just figured I’d pissed off God…"

Apparently not.

Her sweater arrived this afternoon.

Let's just say that my dear friend is feeling quite loved.


Anonymous said…
You, my dear, are a very nice person!!!
Christina said…
Thank you, Maria!

But, it was an absolute pleasure!

; )
LauraB said…
How can a person properly express thanks for such a kind and generous gift? It isn't easy...add in that my version was not half as lovely as the one above - I was definitely upgraded!!

Lovely, luxurious, and incredibly well-made. I will always be swathed in love when I wear it and be reminded of your generous heart. Love you!!
Feisty said…

I enjoyed every second of it. The joy in your pleasure and excitement of it pleases me so!

Thank you for your love and friendship!

; )
Anonymous said…
That is so sweet!
katie metzroth said…
Gorgeous! You're a great friend!
Feisty said…
Thank you, Katie!

To be honest, as far as my friends are concerned, I am definitely the lucky one!!!

; )

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