Creeping along...

So far, 2014 has been moving along quite nicely, although there has not been a great deal of knitting.

In addition to a pair of sleeves, the older daughter's oversized cardigan is coming along.

Her birthday is in the first week of February. I had hoped this would be one of her gifts, but that seems in doubt, as non-knitting obligations intrude.

I also cast on something for myself:

This is Kim from Perl Grey. It was originally intended to be knit with Aran weight yarn; however, I have held onto some complimentary fingering weight yarns for what seems like an eternity, which, when doubled, knit up perfectly to gauge.

The semi-solid one on the left is Miss Babs Yummy fingering in Roasted Pumpkin. The one on the left is Wool Candy Meringue Merino in Mad Hatter. I have 1600 yards of each. As the pattern calls for 1367 yards, I should be more than covered.  

In other news, the lovely Arlene, the genius behind Bronotta Yarns, has a new dk base that she is experimenting with, and she has graciously named a new colorway after me!

Allow me to present:  Lady Wilkins:

When she asked what color I wanted, I told her I was yearning for a deep celadon green.  She truly delivered!

So, I have been swatching it up, waiting for it tell me what it wants to be.

I hope everyone is well and fine in this New Year.

Happy Knitting!


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