Is it too early to think about Christmas stockings?

Well, I guess that really depends on which Christmas one is referring.  Christmas 2006?

My mother-in-law originally needlepointed stockings for our daughters just after they were born, gifting them on each of their first birthdays.

Here is a shot from 2004.  At the bottom sit the two stockings for the girls.

Unfortunately, neither of them survived a fire in the summer of 2006. Even more tragically, my mother-in-law died a few weeks after that.

One of the first things I bought after that fire were two hand-painted canvases to replace the stockings the girls had lost.  

As Elizabeth was the younger of the two, I immediately began stitching on hers; however, almost eight years later, I have not gotten that far...

My husband's uncle (and my mother-in-law's brother) graciously attempted to help me with Sydney's stocking, but he did not get that far, either.

The natural light outside would have made for more attractive photos, but there is a lot of white already needlepointed into these, and I did not wish to risk sullying them before they are done.

Beautiful, aren't they?

Is this the year I actually finish one of them?


I certainly hope so!

I pulled Elizabeth's out last night and began stitching again.  If I finish one by September, it can be sewn up and ready to use by Christmas...

How many hours are there in a day?


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