I heart wool!

As much as I enjoy wearing silk, linen, and hemp, there is nothing as nice as knitting with wool.

I think this is why I do not have more hot weather appropriate knitted garments.  

In the foreground is the stockinette madness that is Kim with two strands of fingering weight yarn (Wool Candy in Mad Hatter and Miss Babs in Roasted Pumpkin), which knits up to a worsted gauge on US 8 needles and MadTosh dk in Coquette in the background for Sablier, although the pattern and I are having "issues," as my numbers do not match those of the designers...more on that later.

The bonus of a ton of stitches done in stockinette is the sheer mindlessness of it. It is easy to watch the NBA playoffs (Go Spurs!) and not worry about missing a stitch or screwing up the pattern.  The total length should be 19 inches, and I am rocking along with 13 inches, so I have a way to go before anything more interesting happens in the pattern.

Mindlessless is not a bad state at the moment.  There seems to be a lot of flux in life right now, and I have just been really tired, mentally and physically.

While the knitting has slowed tremendously blog-wise, a number of designs are in the works, as I contemplate submitting a book proposal to a publisher.  At last count, there are sixteen new designs in various stages of completion and test-knitting.  YAY!

Later this month, we will be unveiling a sweet new pattern to celebrate one of my good friends and favorite dyers having been picked up by a national retailer!!

So exciting!


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