Into the Wild

As my older daughter prepares to leave for a semester in Hong Kong, I happened to finish a sweater I started for her in December...

Yeah, so my timing is not the best, I realize. This will be of no use to her in Hong Kong, but I will keep it for her until she returns a few days before Christmas.

The lighting was a little off this evening and the beautiful coloration in the yarn and stunning texture is really hard to see in the photos above, so here is a close up of the sleeves:

Pattern:  Oona's Hoodie
Yarn:  Malabrigo Merino in Pearl Ten

Modifications:  Sleeves were knit in-the-round, instead of flat.  I added at least five inches to the length, too. We omitted the snaps and opted for no closure.

Overall, it was a really good pattern to follow. The cables and seed stitch were easy and fun to knit.  I love the way it turned out!

Sydney's only complaint was how pointing the tip of the hood is.


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