Dashing Bradford!

With nearly torrential rainfall and some hail on Saturday (an anomaly in drought-ridden South Texas these days), I found myself with an entire day unaccounted for.  Originally, I had planned to spend the day in the office, but I did not want to risk the weather. So, I decided to finish off a sweater for the handsome husband.

And, I knit, knit, and knit some more...

However, around midnight on Saturday, I had finished all but one button band and called it a night.

Sunday morning the sun was shining, and I got up early.  It did not take long to finish up and weave the ends in.  After that, I gave it a nice long soak.  It was almost completely dry last night, but I waited to sew the buttons on this afternoon.

I could not be more pleased with how it turned out.  It is slightly oversized on the husband, but since this is actually a Christmas gift, he has not seen it with the buttons and a proper photo shoot will have to wait.

Pattern:  Ranger by Jared Flood
Yarn:  Madelinetosh Vintage in Fig (now discontinued).  One-and-a-half skeins were used for the hems, collar and button bands in a slightly darker version of that colorway, while the body was done in a lighter version. The yarns were purchased separately over a four year period.  If I had had enough of the original brown, I would have used it, but I was afraid with lengthening it that I would not have enough.  As it is, I would have been a skein short in what I had on hand.

The pattern is lovely and very easy to follow.  There were no mistakes that I could discern.  The textured stitch was simple and easy to memorize, as well as knit. I had no problems at all with the pattern.

Due to knitting a slightly generous, man-sized cardigan, it did take a lot of knitting. According to the calendar, I cast on and bound off about five weeks apart.  There was a lot of weaving and other knitting during that period, too, but it seems like this one took longer than that to finish.

In any event, it is warm and cozy with a bit of weight to it.  I think the husband will enjoy wearing it!


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