Weaving Right Along

The weaving has become even more enjoyable, as the husband build me a cool new stand for the table loom.

At the moment, it is parked in the foyer with a large Christmas tree in the living room, but because it has castors on the back legs (none on the front for stability), I can actually move it wherever I would like.

The chair is a donation from the Wee child, she no longer liked it, so she passed it on to me!  What is absent from the picture is Riley and his dog bed.  In the evening, he likes to sit under the loom and keep me company.

As to the actual weaving, I have been experimenting quite a bit.

The first photo at the very top and the one immediately below were warped with the same fingering weight that I dyed myself and named Lioness. This picture shows both fingering and sport weight yarns in that colorway.

I made the warp extra long to accommodate two projects.  The first also used fingering as the weft, but the second was made longer and uses sport weight as the weft.

They are both gorgeous!!

After a nice long soak, they are light, airy, soft, and springy!  They are presently wrapped and awaiting their new homes. 

Next up, I bought some Heavenly Fibers Zypher in a silk/merino single ply blend in Peacock, which I used for the warp, and paired it with Plymouth Yarn's Revel in Grape Mist. This is a lace weight that I used for the weft.  The finished product is so soft and light as air!  This one will be a special pleasure for the recipient to wear!  At least, I certainly hope!

As far as dressing the loom, I tried a new approach.  I simply tied the new warp to the old and pulled it through from back to front.  It was a lot less time consuming!

Next up:

On the loom now are Becoming Art Theia MCS (merino/cashmere/silk) in "Peter Pan" for the warp and Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Silk+ (merino/cashmere/silk) in "Celery." Both skeins were featured in different Wool Girl kits.  

Oh, I cannot express how lovely the colors play together and very luxurious the feel of this fabric is!

This time, when I finished the Peacock blue scarf,  I again tied the new warp to the old, but I did it from front to back.  This worked much better for me, so I think it is a practice I will continue.

As far as the Christmas count, I have, at least, two more hats to knit, two more scarves to weave, and a shawl to weave...

It's already December 7th!



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