Of stockings and things

Many years ago, my mother-in-law was an avid needlepointer.  She made beautiful things. Within a year of their birth, she made stockings for each of the girls.

This picture is from Christmas 2004.

Unfortunately in 2006, our house was struck by lightning and burned to the ground.  We lost everything, including those stockings.

Shortly after the fire, as in a few weeks, we also lost my mother-in-law.

While once-upon-a-time, I was also into needlepoint, I had not taken on a project as serious as a stocking.  But, following the death of my mother-in-law and the loss of the stockings, I thought I would make each of the girls a new one. This was in early 2007.

As of early July 2015, neither was complete.

The younger daughter returns from a summer college program at Truman State University this evening.  Before she left, I asked her if she wanted me to work on her personal cross-stitch piece.

Her response?

"No, Ma'am. What I would really like you to do is finish that Christmas stocking you started when I was five."

She will be fifteen in December.

Well, but for a bit of sparkly snow under the little girl's feet (I ran out of thread and it is currently on backorder), I would be completely finished with this stocking.

Let me say this was no less than a Herculean task with nearly every spare moment slaving away on this project the whole month of July.

Ordinarily, I would be elated and completely over the moon right now, but I have another one to work on for the older daughter:

The needlepoint shop in Austin advises that the last day they will accept completed work for guaranteed Christmas finish is September 15.  

While I will give it my very best effort, I am not sure I will have the second one done by then.

Wish me luck!


Lolly said…
Good luck! Those are so beautiful.
Feisty said…
Thank you, Lolly!
9crafty11 said…
Lovely that your daughter remembered & requested the stocking, not many young people are like that these days! What a great effort & even if you don't finish the 2nd one in time, you should be proud!
Feisty said…
Thank you for your lovely comments!

I am fortunate that both my daughters appreciate the work that goes into these.

Have a great day!
Phoenix said…
I was just thinking of the fire the other day and wondering how you guys were doing. Hope all is well.

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