January already?

The sweaters were a hit for Christmas!

They are going to hate me for posting that shot from Christmas morning, but it is the only one I have of them together.

On the left, Sweet One's sweater was a little big in the neck.  I ended up pulling out the neckline and redoing it, which also served to draw up the sleeves.  It took an hour or so, and we were able to get another shot of a much better fitting sweater:

This fit made me happy.

Sweet One ended up trying on Wee One's Maxfield Cardigan...she loved it, so much so, I cast on one for her birthday, which is in about three weeks or less:

It would appear I have a fair bit of knitting to do.

For those who are counting, this will be the third time I have knit this pattern in less than one year.


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