Yarny Randomness

Several years ago, the husband built a playhouse for the younger daughter in the very back of the yard where there are plenty of trees and shade.

As he is an avid deer hunter, this playhouse is also the size and shape of a deer blind, approximately four or five feet off the ground.  It has stairs leading up to it and windows on three sides.

The younger daughter decided a long time ago, but only after it was built, that she is an inside kind of girl. Despite begging her father for the playhouse, I doubt she has collectively spent more than ten minutes in it.

However, I have used it frequently over the years as a backdrop for photo shoots for many of my finished knitted projects!

Time has done a number on the abandoned structure with the stairs losing their supports and the bottom rotting out of it.

The husband observed the other day he needs to tear it down.  At the mention, I asked if he would save a wall with a window for me, so I can continue to use it as a backdrop.  He consented, but no further movement has been made to deconstruct.

Although, I admit, I immediately took a screwdriver and removed the door.

At barely five feet tall and twenty inches wide, it's not much of a thing, but I have moved it into my office/craft place/yoga sanctuary.  It now sports a cool hook to hold yarn, which enables me to photograph yarn inside...

Happy, Happy!

Wanton Fibers Flourish fingering in Damselfly.

Wanton Fibers Wanton DK in Ladyslipper.

Blue Moon Fibers Marine Silk Sport in Fade to Black.

Even the lowly Cascade 220 sport in Camel looks nice against the weathered wood.


LauraB said…
Oh, I am so glad you saved that wood! It has always been a great backdrop for your knitting. He ought to use the wood for something - I bet if it was planed there would be some pretty wood underneath with character!
Feisty said…
Oh, excellent idea!!

Perhaps there is enough to cover the back wall in my room!!

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